News: Sony Launches A "Slice of Living" Concept in 2016

by Michael Gilmore  on  16th January 2016

Sony Targets a Wider Vision of Style and Harmony

At Simply Electricals in Bolton and Rawtenstall, we regularly wax lyrical about what makes a TV brighter, sharper and more captivating in terms of visual entertainment, but in 2016 Sony have decided to take a wider view about how the TV itself impacts the room it is in, with its outward styling.

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A “Slice of Living” from Sony

The way Sony and in particular, Mr Yokota, Sony’s senior Art Director has approached the designing of this year’s XD94/XD93, XD85 and WD65/60 ranges has seen an holistic strategy used, taking into account what complements a living room with a modern look.

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Designs that Make you Feel at home

The ‘slice’ that Sony are referring to is the look of the ultra slim BRAVIA TVs on offer this year, which have the appearance of a precisely engineered slice of slate that, Mr Yokota says “perfectly fits into modern surroundings”.Image title

Mr Yokota tells us that household items such as books on shelves, pictures on a wall and even clocks are a natural part of any home and it is this that he has tried to mimic with the elegant and minimalistic look the BRAVIA range has this year.

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Hidden Cabling

Visible cabling, normally situated at the rear of any home TV setup is not only untidy, but it detracts from the natural look Sony have aimed for (the premise being that a natural home object such as a painting doesn’t have unsightly cables hanging from it, so neither should a Sony TV).

A cleverly engineered rear vent means all cabling is hidden and that when a 2016 slimline BRAVIA TV is wall mounted, it should look as natural on a wall as a mirror or a window.

Sleek Stands and Bezels

As not everyone wants a wall-mounted TV, Sony have designed slimline and flowing stand and bezel combinations for each model that continue the theme of elegant and understated styling. 

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Never has the phrase “less is more” been more applicable.

For more information on this or any of our extensive range of home entertainment equipment, why not pop in and see us in our Bolton or Rawtenstall stores. Always on hand to assist, our knowledgeable staff can tell you everything you need to know.

We hope to see you soon.

Watch the "Slice of Living" by Sony



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