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Bosch Serie 6 SPS59T02GB 45cm Slimline Dishwasher
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Serie 6 SPS59T02GB 45cm Slimline Dishwasher


The Bosch Serie 6 SPS59T02GB ActiveWater dishwasher with height-adjustable top basket: Gives you extra space for large and bulky items Also featuring EcoSilence Drive, Super Silence and VarioSpeed.

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The SPS59T02GB includes features that make this new line of dishwashers from Bosch even better such as the height adjustable top basket that allows you to accommodate larger delicate items like taller glasses

This dishwasher also includes Bosch's VarioSpeed technology which gets the cleaning any drying done in half the time than that of a regular dishwasher

For your more delicate glasses Bosch includes their glass protectioin technology which helps to stop the clouding effect on glasses which is sometimes caused by water hardness in different areas. This technology constantly monitors the water hardness and adjusts the program as necessary.

Bosch Serie 6 SPS59T02GB 45cm Slimline Dishwasher

Energy Efficiency

This Bosch A+ class dishwasher includes the EcoSilence Drive range of motors which performs extrelemy well while maintaing quiet operation and exceptional energy efficiency .

The SPS59T02GB also uncludes the Economy 50 programs that help to reduce water consumption and energy usage by operaing at a 50 degree temperature 

The built in load sensor autoatically adjusts the ammont of water used for rinsing meaning that the dishwasher will consume less water with a smaller load saving both water and electricity.

Bosch Serie 6 SPS59T02GB 45cm Slimline Dishwasher
Capacity10 Place Settings
Energy RatingA+
Energy Consumption237kWh / Year (Based On 280 Standard cleaning Cycles) 
Dimensions (WxHxD)45 x 84.5 x 60 cm

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As we are a Bosch Retailer we can offer you the best advice, installation and after care service than national retailers. 

Our installation service covers the whole of Greater Manchester and also many parts of Lancashire. Our prices are constantly monitored to ensure that we are as competitive as national retailers. This Bosch SPS59T02GB is also available with a bespoke white glove delivery and installation service. 

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Product reviews
Name Rating Comment
It may only be small but it packs a punch & fits a lot in. First dishwasher ever owned & wondered why I never got one previously. But I must habe been waiting for this Bosch beauty. Love the utensil drawer & & all the convenient features WOW never going back to hand washing. Sparkling clean cutlery, quite, economical just love this appliance.
Perfect for the small space we had for this machine. Fits a surprising amount in it and the cutlery drawer is very useful!
Downsides of having a cutlery tray instead of a basket are that you can't fit much chunky handled cutlery in the tray and also that the height of items being put in the top rack is restricted. Other than that it's excellent, with many features to choose from with the washing cycle.
This small machine fits perfectly in my kitchen. It is very quiet and cleans very well on the 29 minute quick cycle (I've only used a different cycle once as they take so long, the economy takes over 3 hours!). The top cutlery tray is useful but it does restrict the height for the other 2 trays. My main issue with it is that glasses don't sit very well in the top rack and will fall over if you don't pack them in well. Also, I use a lot of plastic storage boxes for food and these don't fit in very well. I probably wouldn't buy this product again, but you don't know these things until you actually use it.
I only had room for a slimline dishwasher and this model has proved to be a good choice. It does operate quietly and has a good choice of settings
Excellent dishwasher. Very quiet and smooth running. Very pleased with this product. Exceeds expectations.
This is my third time of buying a Bosch dishwasher - have been pleased with them all but this one is easily the best. Cleans and dries well on all programmes, wonderfully quiet, a joy to use.
This dishwasher replaced a 20+ year old Zanussi compact dishwasher which was giving up the ghost. I had bought my son a Bosch compact dishwasher previously and was very impressed with it, so treated myself to this slimline model. Love it. Love the cutlery tray and the various combinations for pots and pans. Washes extremely well. Even managed a burnt on casserole dish containing cottage pie. I love the time remaining and the delay start. The machine is extremely quiet and I am amazed how much you can get in the machine. Bosch all the way!
This is my second slim line Bosch dishwasher. I bought this one as the other one was so good and reliable. This is a more modern version with more facilities, but it is still easy to use. Installation is straight forward with just a cold water in, electric hookup and waste pipe out. Once installed its a pleasure to use. It's very quiet and all of the drawers work well. Recommended
Well made product, not too many features, works well - easy to use.
We could only fit a slimline dishwasher in our kitchen and we were not sure if it would work well having limited space. We were so surprised at the flexibility of the shelves and how they can adjust to fit anything we put in it. VERY quiet and efficient too!
Great dishwasher, I especially like the pull out cutlery tray at the top of the machine, it works really well and cleans everything perfectly. And it's easy to scoop out the knives and forks afterwards. Plenty of room on the other racks for other items because there's no bulky cutlery basket to take up space.
Great Product as this is a slimline dishwasher it really helps to have the cutlery tray at the top, you gain a lot more space to stack plates etc. It is extremely quiet too.
I've now owned this machine for about three weeks and am very pleased with it. It is especially quiet and I recommend it for anyone who has an integrated kitchen/living room. The other day I noticed that boiling an egg made more noise than this dishwasher! There are lots of dishwashing programs and variations of these but after trying a couple I just stick with the default "eco" option. It takes a little more than three hours but is effective and the brochure says it saves me money.... Other adjustments include those for the amount of salt and rinse aid dispensed so you can fine tune things to the water in your area or the cleaning products you prefer. A feature of this machine is the cutlery drawer, which allows more space inside the machine. This took a little getting used to as before I would whip out the basket to unload cutlery. However, the extra space for plates and cutlery is useful and the drawer has slots for separating knives and forks, which helps with cleaning. The drawer is easily removable if you want to unload it that way, although it's more cumbersome than a basket. I particularly like the adjustable shelf feature as this has allowed me to accommodate some larger than normal plates. Fitting the machine was straightforward as it replaced an older dishwasher but the water hose has a new electric valve which meant making the hole in the unit slightly larger. Not really a problem! I chose this machine because of its features and because it is a Bosch. My previous machine, which I had left in place when moving house, was a Bosch and it had lasted 15 years without any problems, even in a hard water area (I had been careful to keep it topped up with salt). Recommended.
Required slimline dishwasher to fit kitchen and as previous full size Bosch dishwasher had served us well during its long life decided to go for Bosch again and not disappointed. Excellent safety feature is top cutlery drawer.
On the whole this is an excellent little dishwasher. It cleans very well, even on the quick setting, and everything is pretty much dry and sparkly when it comes out. The cutlery rack/draw at the top is such a bonus with a slimline machine like this one as it means there's not a load of space in the main rack being taken up by a cutlery basket, so more space for dishes and saucepans. The only thing I found it struggled a bit on was baked on food, but perhaps I just need to soak the dish for longer before putting it in the dishwasher.
I am so pleased with this purchase. This dishwasher is really well designed; I have been amazed about how many items it can wash at any given time. Its super quiet too. Also living in a hard water area I love that you can adjust the salt settings to compensate.
I didn't think dishwashers could be this quiet, and with the clever movable parts on the racks there's never any problem fitting things into it. The cutlery rack is so much better than the traditional basket I don't know why this isn't the way all dishwashers work now.
It's super quiet, easy to use and it looks great! I love the cutlery drawer feature! Why doesn't every dishwasher come with one? Everything that you put in comes out clean which is amazing compared to every other dishwasher I've used. I couldn't recommend it highly enough. How did I live without it?
This is our first dishwasher after 15 years without one. I don't know how we managed, the design layout is brilliantly thought out for such a small unit. It is very economical and quiet. Highly recommend this appliance to anyone with a small kitchen. We are a family of three and it is surprising how much we can fit in it, which was one of the concerns of buying a smaller dishwasher. The quick wash program is so convenient and still gets everything sparkling clean - save on time but not on cleanliness.
Very quiet. Comes out perfectly clean on all settings. Smart arrangement of cutlery
I was skeptical about all the features on this dishwasher as it seemed to be complicated but in truth its so easy. I use the extra dry feature which makes sure plastic items are dry. The vario speed feature is great too. It took some trial and error with the cutlery draw but soon had everything washing perfectly.
We are a Bosch household with the dishwasher and washing machine and many DIY tools, so when the dishwasher stopped working and the repair cost would be into double figures, the decision to have a new one made good sense. The old model gave good service so we ordered the same one again; needless to say we are delighted with the operation of the new dishwasher. Not so pleased with the quality control of the dishwasher leaving Bosch, with a dent in the casing and the handle on the top draw broken with bits on the washer floor that could have damaged the plates etc. on the first wash. These issues were quickly resolved by the supplier but our confidence in Bosch products has been shaken a little
Excellent product, very quiet, lots of programs to choose from. Great idea having a cutlery tray as makes life so much easier to load and unload your items. Slimline is perfect for our family of 4. Great little Dishwasher. Ordering from Simply Electricals was so easy and delivery was excellent - very competitively price. Well done Bosch for your product and Simply for your excellent service
This is the best dishwasher we have had and because it is smaller we can easily unstack it and there are no fights over what used to be a tedious chore. It really takes a lot of dishes and the results are very clean.
Never had a dishwasher before so did lots of research. Needed a slimline dishwasher due to space and it's perfect. Cutlery tray is great and frees up space for all other stuff. Copes with our family of four brilliantly. Would highly recommend
Pleased with the above 14 years. BUT Bosch have moved the salt container further back & changed it to a screw top instead of flipping it up & clicking it shut.To start using the new machine filling up with salt, I ended up with cramp in the left leg & more pain in the Right knee which needs a replacement,. So at the moment I am searching for another make with better access for salt filling. I cannot kneel on the floor to reach it. A certain other make one puts the salt etc in the door, but not in the slimline one yet
Our last dishwasher, from Bosch, lasted us 30 years so we decided to stay with Bosch. This model is so quiet and so efficient that it is a joy to use. The controls are simple and unobtrusive but the options give sufficient scope for various types of wash and the flexibility of ways to secure items in the dishwasher provides facilities for all sizes of dishes, pans and utensils, etc. It is not the cheapest on the market but it's value is in the quality of performance and finish.
Very quiet Quick cycle is worth Drying function not as good as was with our previous Hoover dishwasher
What can we say? this is a fantastic machine, well made and it serves all our needs.It cleans really well stuff comes out like new and without streaks. We love the adjustable shelves and especially the cutlery tray. It's also practically silent. This is the first dishwasher we have bought and we are overjoyed with it.
A replacement for our old Bosch dishwasher which we had for 12 years. Cannot fault Bosch as their products are brilliant. Like the cutlery tray instead of having a basket . We fitted it ourselves as it was a replacement but did find the instructions could have been a little clearer and perhaps the water pipe could have had some blue on it as it's the same colour as the waste pipe.
I had my last Bosch dishwasher for over 23 years so wanted to buy the same make in the hope that this one lasts that long! Very pleased with it and the number of programmes, including a really quick wash cycle. Easy to order online and great delivery service
purchased this machine to replace a similar dishwasher but the design has been much improved. There are more spray heads, much better cutlery tray and a huge range of cleaning programs including a quick 30min wash. It is quiet and reliable, so I'm a happy customer!
Have replaced my Bosch dishwasher which was 15 years old. Although the same size this one has more space for crockery etc. This is because of the top cutlery pull-out drawer instead of a basket. The height adjustment on the middle drawer is a useful feature. The machine is quiet with improved dispensers for tablets and finish. The door flexes a bit more than my previous model when it is opened.
Very good dishwasher, silent, high quality of washing. I'm happy to buyet. It is a smart machine. Delivery vas on time, nice and polite staff. I would definitely recommend this Bosch dishwasher and Simply Electricals
Pleased with this. Very quiet, easy to load and the extra tray for cutlery is a useful feature. It has far more programmes than I need and some of them take hours! Have only used the Quick wash plus extra dry - the two together do a good job in 44 minutes. I would recommend this dishwasher to anyone with limited space - it holds nearly as much as a full sized machine.
Excellent dishwasher,we had a previous model but there are a lot more great gadgets on this model.
The dishwasher does what it is supposed to. The dishes come out clean even on the quick cycle. And it is very quiet. I would recommend it.
Our old Bosch from 2004 was slowly coming to the end of it useful life after many years of good service, so I had no hesitation in buying another Bosch and what a delight it's proven to be. Things have come on in the last few years. Movable trays are a boon, so no more sloping of larger plates, plus generally seem to be able to pack in more items efficiently and find instances of the odd item of crockery or cutlery with a smudge of dirt is a rarity. Great having the timer function also. Thoroughly recommended.
Brilliant washing even on the quick cycle. Easy to load and despite being slimline there is plenty of room. Very quiet. Would thoroughly recommend this machine if space in the kitchen is a problem.
Being a fan of Bosch products, when our last (Hotpoint) dishwasher failed this was a bit of a no brainer - however it does fall a bit short of our old machine - in that the shortest programme is quite long and it does not stack as well as the old kit. Having said that it is is a very solid bit of kit and does the job well.

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