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Installation & Recycling

What appliances do you install?

We install various appliances including televisions, washing machines, dishwashers and fridge freezers.

How much is installation?

Prices vary dependent on appliance and service required. We suggest to visit the product page for upto date pricing.

What's part of the installation service?

For laundry and dishwashers, we’ll connect your appliance to the water and waste pipes, switch it on and test the machine. If you’re ordering a tumble dryer we’ll connect the vent hose to an existing wall duct.

If your water connection valve is seized due to limescale, we cannot fix this and you will need to source your own plumber.

Do I need to do anything prior to installation?

Please read our COVID update page for additional information.

Yes, we recommend the following to allow the installation to take place without a hiccup.

Drain your current appliance and disconnect it from the electrical outlet. Identify where the mains water supply switch is in your home and check that you can switch it off. Ensure your waste pipe, water supply and electricity connections are no more than 1m away from where the appliance will be. 

For freestanding appliances, ensure you have a 13 amp 3 pin plug socket for connection. Ensure there’s an existing vent near the intended vented tumble dryer location. Ensure the appliance fits in your chosen location. Check that your appliance will fit through your doorways packaged. Finally, for safety reasons we cannot install a dishwasher or laundry appliance in a bathroom or unheated outbuilding.

Is there any reason you won't install?

We don't make any alterations to existing plumbing and electrical connections. We don't make alterations to kitchen cabinets, flooring and worktops. Connect the appliance if it puts the fitter or customer at risk. Plumb two waste pipes into one waste connection even if it has a plastic connection kit fitted. Connect the appliance if it does not meet safety guidelines.

We can only install if there is adequate water pressure for the appliance If your water connection valve is seized due to limescale, we cannot fix this and you will need to source your own plumber.

We will not fit any appliance if there are any restrictions which we have not been made aware of prior to us delivering. You can see a full list of information here.

Can I just recycle my old appliance?

Please read our COVID update page for additional information.

If you don’t want us to install your new appliance, but would still like us to take away and recycle your old one, that’s absolutely fine. We’ll take your old one away when we deliver the new one.

The appliance being recycled must be a similar size to the one being installed. Please drain, disconnect your appliance and have the appliance situated outside our property on the day of delivery. If we arrive and the appliance is not ready for recycling we are unfortunatley unable to wait. We currently are unable to collect American-style fridge freezers.

What about television installation?

Yes, we can unpack your television and attach the supplied pedestal stand, tune in the channels and connect it to the internet if available. Finally, we will show you how to use your TV’s new features and software update facility.*

I need my television wall mounting?

We can unpack and securely fit a bracket to your wall. We will then mount your television on the bracket. Brackets are sold separately, must be purchased from Simply Electricals and be available at the time of installation. We will then set your TV up as per our normal television installation service.*

*Television installation and wall mounting are subject to availablity and geographic locations. Please check with our online chat service


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